Happy Birthday, Hermano!


You know us, right? You know that we’ll never tell you what we had for lunch, or how excited we are for prom, or what our favorite Andrew Bird lyric is. However MESSY and DRAMATIC and REAL our lives may be (and they are!!), we’ve vowed not to bring any of that noise onto your RSS feed. What’s personal is pointless – that’s the Lifting Fog creed. This ain’t open mic night, fam!

But sometimes… that wall between public and private needs to be torn down; emotions laid bare, naked flesh exposed. Inspired by Kanye West coming out as a gay fish last week (good for you!), I realize I need to offer something more of myself this Monday, the 13th of April. I need… to wish my brother a Happy Birthday.


You did it, [name withheld] – 20 years old and no longer eligible for “teenage dad” status! Before you take that first step into sort of adulthood, though, take a moment to reflect on those moments that made you what you are today. Remember this?

I was five and my brother two years old when our mom, [name withheld], took us to see the VERY PG-13 Wayne’s World. Besides taking our innocence, the movie introduced us to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which we banged our heads to like Wayne and Garth the entire car-ride home. We definitely suffered mild brain damage. Our mom doesn’t like to talk about it.

Happy Birthday, [name withheld]!

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4 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Hermano!”

  1. factsoflife Says:

    Word is that “Wayne’s World” was your collective “tipping point.”

  2. Captain Jack Says:

    and here I though watching South Park the movie is what did it

  3. Kyle Moran Says:

    are u all just hipsters who live in brooklyn or something?

  4. Kyle Moran Says:

    sorry that really should have been directed at the reds cap blog. i just dont get you people and your blogs, but its 1054 and it says 754 when i post so maybe ur hipsters in another time zone.

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