Okay, Seriously… ‘Kings’ on Saturday Night?


Yesterday, NBC made a bold move to push their newest Aaron Sorkin-like drama OUT of the limelight and into the shadows. Kings, which stars Ian McShane and a whole lot of, “wait, what do I know him from?” guys and gals, has been put out to pasture, it would seem. I kept quiet when Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip went belly up amidst a writer’s strike, but this act of treason I cannot bear to let stand (just a taste of the old English monarchy talk for you there, pretty good right?). Seriously NBC, what’s going on over there? I have been telling anyone and everyone about how great the show is and everyone seems to agree with me after viewing it: this show is DAMN good. It’s not the best, but it’s certainly engaging on many levels. Since when does that not warrant serious consideration from a network’s programming department?

The thing that irks me is that pushing it to a Saturday night spot is a classic, passive aggressive way of saying, “Nooooooo, we’re not mad at you at all Kings, things are going great.” Clearly the network is displeased with its ratings, as it ALWAYS is, but at some point, these big wigs have to take a risk on something! The money is already sunk: all the CG effects to turn the US into a monarchy, all the tank explosions, and all the actor’s salaries have been paid out… so just let it continue in a time spot that gives it a chance. The story lines are interesting, soap opera style dramatic pieces delightfully disguised in high production values. The premise is one of the most original I’ve seen on TV in a long time: the United States… as a Monarchy!? And it delivers each week, laced with moving score and deftly crafted biblical sub-textuality. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

This is my official endorsement of the show. If only NBC was paying me to write this, I wouldn’t have to sound so desperate. It’s as if my twittering isn’t enough each week, singing its praise and beckoning others to join me, I am telling you: THIS IS AN EXCELLENT, WELL WRITTEN (so far at least; we know what happened with Michael Green’s last NBC project… yikes) AND PRODUCED TV SHOW. Check out the episodes on Hulu: it’s free after all. Hopefully it doesn’t get cancelled because if it doesn 2 dreams will be dead: Michael Green’s vision of our country as a monarchy and my dream of getting to meet (and fall in love with) Allison Miller after taking a job working for the show.

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5 Responses to “Okay, Seriously… ‘Kings’ on Saturday Night?”

  1. Thumbu Says:

    I’m with you, and the other million folks, who tuned on Sundays the past month, and are a little bummed that the show seems to be going under. (Actually I’ve been watching it on Hulu. Is Hulu inadvertently destroying Kings?) May there will be a groundswell of support that saves it. I can’t bear to see Ian McShane lose another series halfway.

    i wonder if folks would tune in to watch Kings on Thursday night, instead of Southland. Aren’t police dramas kind of pointless after the brilliance of the Wire?

    • angie Says:

      No not Thursday! To much is going on on Thursdays. How about Wednesday, not darn thing is on on Wednesdays. I love this show, and it started in the middle of the year, at least give it another year before you say goodbye. I think networks want instant gratification, with a number one show in the first season, thats just not going to happen. Give it another season and at least leave it on Sundays or another day of the week.

      • DJ Steve Says:

        Sorry, Angie Wednesday is LOST day for many. I think they need to leave it on Sundays and let it build momentum. You are absolutely correct about them wanting instant gratification.

        Case and point, Season 3 of Friday Night Lights was handed over to DirecTV. Lo and behold NBC comes crawling back to pick it up and air the season again on their network AND NOW they have renewed for another 2 seasons. Don’t get me wrong, anything to keep FNL on the air, but seriously NBC stop jumping the gun!

  2. Vikash Says:

    It’s anarchy, Steve. Really.

  3. Hulu Isn’t As Good As It Should Be, Right? « Lifting Fog Says:

    […] wanted to watch some quality network television dramatic programming on the internet. To my horror, Kings has yet to post another episode beyond Ep 5: Judgement Day. The wheels in my head began turning: […]

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