Out Like A (Humble and Motivated) Lamb


We know you’re mad. Flight of the Conchords just ended, possibly indefinitely. Back in the real world, the economy’s riding the Porcelain Express. Life is terrible. You turn to Lifting Fog, your one bright spot in an otherwise dark, dismal day… and nothing’s here. Four posts last week, two of them about St. Paddy’s Day? Like so many baby daddies, we let you down.

But holster those pitchforks! We’ve got a week of film reviews (The Reader, Henning’s take on Watchmen), news reports (…when they happen) and humorous anecdotes (you won’t believe this pilates story!) on the docket, all awaiting your perusal. Calmer now? Mellowed? Winston Churchill once said that “nothing is more costly, nothing is more sterile, than vengeance.” The British Bulldog was always right. Hug somebody instead.

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One Response to “Out Like A (Humble and Motivated) Lamb”

  1. Captain Jack Says:

    I’ve got nothing clever to say. Just wanted to let you know that you always make me laugh. CJ

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