Lifting Fog Live: Simian Mobile Disco Melts Minds in LA


Last night I was on ecstasy. NOW HOLD ON A MINUTE. I know what you’re thinking… what would McKay Hatch think about that? Well don’t worry, McKay, Mom, and Dad – I was high on MUSIC last night. Although the dazzling array of lights could have easily convinced me I was on Ecstasy, I’m quite sure I wasn’t. Simian Mobile Disco came to LA last night and played a high octane set at the notoriously indie scenester Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood. The sold out show was packed full of people of all races, creeds, religion, and varying Vans authentic shoes/girl jeans combinations. But despite the varying tastes and shapes, everyone was there for one collective purpose: TO DANCE! (If you keep reading… there’s video!)

For those who are unfamiliar with Simian Mobile Disco, you need only browse YouTube to find out what the UK dance duo are all about: making those asses jump and those hips swing! And people were DANCING last night. It was exhilarating to see so many people coming out and getting down to the big, big sound. The video below was shot by yours truly… on my iPhone. Shhhhhh! Apple says this kind of stuff is illegal. (But at least they’ve finally added all the features they should have added years ago with Software 3.0… except video.) Behold, the magic of light and sound:

Simian Mobile has been one of my favorite electronic acts since their release of Attack Decay Sustain Release. The music of the night could only be categorized as controlled cacaphony. With the DJs’ fingers on the trigger off the blissful electronic ebb and flow of the beat, the pair successfully managed to send 800 people on a rollercoaster ride that seemed to have no end. Daftly switching and blending vocal samples, huge beats, and Atari 2600 bloops and bleeps, SMD delivered a tightly structured form of an auditory apocalypse: the world was coming to an end but it couldn’t stop everyone from dancing (like the rave in The Matrix Reloaded). At any given point, the mix sounded like a spaceship taking off, a computer having a seizure, and a 7.2 earthquake ripping through the San Fernando Valley… simultaneously. It was truly magical. After snagging a limited edition poster for the night, I took a moment to look at my friend sitting in the car with me and take a deep breath. AWESOME show.

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5 Responses to “Lifting Fog Live: Simian Mobile Disco Melts Minds in LA”

  1. mimi Says:

    their live show is MIND-BLOWING. i’ve watched videos of james and james, giving tours of their equipment…and i still have no idea what the hell they do. can’t wait to see them again next month. did they play any new material?

  2. DJ Steve Says:

    They played a lot of material I was unfamiliar with. It was like crazy beats/music and then they’d kick it into a song from Attack/Decay. Not sure if it was new material or just their usual set mix

  3. nicko Says:

    anyone see them at coachella or hardfest in cali last year?

    those two are insane…

  4. steph Says:

    i saw girl talk there in october and i thought that was a crazy dancing mess. this looks insane!

  5. DJ Steve Says:

    I was also at this show, steph, it was equally crazy. Girl Talk was a bit more fun though I think, definitely crazier

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