“All Y’all Seen The Leprechaun, Say ‘Yeah!'”


… I mean, we couldn’t NOT post it.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Yes, we’re a wee bit early, but any holiday that endorses public drunkenness or turns a Bennigan’s upside-down can never get enough of a head-start. Two days even seems conservative, given the time it takes revelers – and the sanitation workers cleaning up their vomit – to recover. But that’s tomorrow.

Today, you’ve got nothing but prep time. Why not spend it learning about the exciting origins of St. Patrick’s Day? Making Irish potatoes and reading Ulysses? … Signing up for a massive NYC Pub Crawl tomorrow night? (Do that one.) We at Lifting Fog throw all of our Irish for a day support behind this sacred celebration and wish everyone a safe and happy day. Or half a week.

Erin Go Bragh! Whatever it means!

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2 Responses to ““All Y’all Seen The Leprechaun, Say ‘Yeah!'””

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