Happy Lent, Sinners!


normal_4x09-cap521Today is Ash Wednesday, and everybody who’s anybody is repenting like crazy for their transgressions against God and man. (I’m sorry for stealing your inhaler, Keith!) Today also marks the first day of Lent, identified by Wikipedia as the “forty-day (not counting Sundays) liturgical season of fasting and prayer before Easter.” No, Sister Aloysius, I didn’t know what Lent was. Call out my lack of Christian knowledge if you want, but remember that God alone holds the power to judge. That I steal neighbors’ newspapers and dogs or severely overuse the word “retard” should be none of your concern, only His. HE will judge me.

… Actually, that’s a lot worse.


Eager to hop on any religious, social, or political endeavor that might nudge us even a little way up from Hell, DJ Steve and I have decided this year to embrace the repentant spirit and give up something for Lent. It’s supposed to be something you shouldn’t be doing in the first place, right? Something fun and potentially harmful to others? After thinking long and hard that’s what she said about what to give up, we both finally came to the obvious answer: Lifting Fog.

That’s right, DJ Steve and I will be giving up blogging for the next forty days. In the meantime, read a book or adopt a kid or something. See you at Easter!

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3 Responses to “Happy Lent, Sinners!”

  1. Gom Says:

    I’m severely distressed! I have to wait for Easter! C’mon Henning and DJ Steve, this is my fix for blogging. Now what do I do?

  2. JES Says:

    Oh my. And I was all, like, breathlessly anticipating your Watchmen review(s).

    Well, by Easter you should have each seen it at least four times. Your audience would probably profit (figuratively!) from a public dialogue on it from the two of you. Adopt imaginary (costumed, primary-colored) alter egos if you think that will help. And then set to it.

  3. Henning Says:

    It was a goof – sorry, everyone! ‘Watchmen’ reviews are most definitely forthcoming, and covered from every conceivable angle. Steve will be writing his through the lens of post-modernist French philosophy; I’ll be wearing a magenta cape.

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