Consider This Our Obligatory “The Oscars Happened Last Night!!” Post


Everyone and their mother (especially yours) will be going on at length today about last night’s ceremony, offering in-depth commentary on everything Oscar. The dresses! The awards! The Jackman! (He really was fantastic.) We at Lifting Fog recognize the pointlessness that attends almost all post-Oscar analysis, though, and will be avoiding any sort of “but here’s what WE think” post today. Because who gives a shit.

Of course we DID watch, and in our ongoing effort to brighten your Monday morning offer a clip of last night’s one truly French moment:

What unusual people. Oh, and congratulations to La Maison en Petits Cubes for winning Best Animated Short! Upset of the night!

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4 Responses to “Consider This Our Obligatory “The Oscars Happened Last Night!!” Post”

  1. DJ Steve Says:

    I rarely watch the Oscars but I watched the WHOLE thing last night. Maybe because of DVR, maybe because all the traffic was effed in Hollywood when we were trying to navigate around it, or maybe because I was feeling adventurous. Whatever the reason I’m glad I did. I thought it was HIGHLY enjoyable.

    Highlights for me: Jackman opening number, Pineapple Express segment, Ben Stiller as J. Phoenix

  2. JES Says:

    DJ Steve: ditto ditto ditto on the highlights. I could NOT stop laughing at Stiller’s routine. And I have to say that Hugh Jackman seems to be one impressive hell of an entertainer.

    It was a little weird, that one number which concluded with him singing/saying, “The musical’s back!” — given how slim the musical offerings were in this year’s show.

  3. Mad Says:

    Tina Fey and Steve Martin – fantastic. Who wouldn’t fall in love with him (and his banjo)? Another good moment, thanks to its element of surprise: “Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto” from the man who barely had enough english to fulfill five lines of thank yous. Or when Jennifer Aniston, when reading Wall-E as the winner, did a little voice impression of the infamous tagline name – “wwaaa-lllleee!” Very cool, Ms. Ex-Brad Pitt. At least no one notice…?

    And my friends think I can give up celebrity gossip for Lent…HA.

  4. Henning Says:

    Yeah, the musical’s not back – not if it includes Zack Efron or Vanessa Hudgens, anyway. Jackman was awesome, obviously, and will hopefully be back next year with even fresher dance moves. I get the feeling most of the crowd (his peers) never knew he was so at home on the stage. He’s an old theater queen.

    I’ve heard some people complain that Stiller’s performance wasn’t fair to the nominated cinematographers (who were definitely overshadowed in the moment), but so what – I was happy to see presenters taking chances and mostly delivering really fun stuff. And the show itself was genuinely strong – nice job guys. Just don’t invite the Twilight vampire next year.

    Tina and Steve were perfect together, which further proved to me that if I can’t one day marry Tina (presuming her divorce), Steve is the guy I want taking my spot.

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