Parks and Recreation: Will It Be the New (old) Office?

The cast of P & R

The cast of P & R

The muchly anticipated sitcom from the Office writers/producers has a new promo this week (or at least I’ve never seen it until now despite its apparent airing during the Super Bowl). The show, called Parks and Recreation, premieres on April 9th and stars SNL vet Amy Poehler, Human Giant vet Aziz Ansari, and The Office Boston Public vet Rashida Jones. There’s more vets here than a damn Born on the 4th of July rally! Peep the promo here (writer’s note: WordPress, please step your embedded video game up).

I’ve been following the news about this show for a long time. It started out as an Office spin-off, reportedly to follow the show’s most talented banjo player, Andy. Next it was rumored to be centered around a handful of government employees (still kind of true). Then the cast info began to trickle out a few months ago. The reason I’m so interested in it is because The Office has come to suck so much. I think people tend to forget that “…but this season is better than the last” doesn’t make the show as good as it used to be, or at least better than any other single cam sitcom out there (again, which it used to be). I stopped watching The Office about a month ago when the love plots between Jim/Pam (Jam for short) and Michael/whomever began to take the front seat while the dead pan comedic brilliance of seasons of old became secondary. I can only hope the reason for its downfall is because producers Daniels and Schur have been focusing their efforts on Parks and Recreation.

I think the show has a lot of promise, despite the fact that I was less than impressed by the promo. I think Ansari is simply tops and I hope the show harkens back to a time when The Office used to be the best comedy on network TV.  But then again, I think Gossip Girl is great… What do y’all think?

(P.S. I know muchly isn’t a word, so please don’t remind me to spell check more often.)

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2 Responses to “Parks and Recreation: Will It Be the New (old) Office?”

  1. JES Says:

    Let me know if I can help on the video-embedding issue. For Youtube I just copy the “embed” code; for others I use a plugin.

  2. DJ Steve Says:

    Problem is, its not on YouTube. NBC and the rest of the big networks are a bunch of f**kheads when it comes to actively defending their IP from copyright protection. It was some other website and when I tried copying the embedded html code for it, WordPress simply removed it from the post text each time I saved it

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