A Lost Episode Without Juliet is Like a Flower Without its Petals


Oh Lost, why must you pain me so? Don’t worry, no SPOILER ALERTS here… just a longing reflection of the woman of my Professor Frink-iest dreams… Dr. Juliet Burke. Seriously Lindelof, what the shit is going on? Juliet has scarcely said more than 20 words this season (not that she ever needs to say much more to get her point across). I miss the days where she was the Prison Guard to Jack’s prisoner status in the delightful Prisoner’s Dilemma example from Season 3. “Eat your food, Jack.” Yes ma’am!

She was the apple of more than one man on the Island’s eye. But is it because of her cold logic problem solving or her perfectly rumpled J. Crew buttondowns matching her just woke up dirty blonde curls? For me, I don’t know if I can discern between the two: both have me tittering like a school boy on chicken finger day in the cafeteria. All I’m saying is Juliet is the keeper of all things holy and secret on the Island. She’s been playing all sides, all the time: Others, other Others, Tailies, the Oceanic 6, you name it. And I’ve never blamed her once. Juliet, how could I stay mad at you? When you quietly and bluntly tell me what to do and where to go, I’m protesting on the outside but melting on the inside. This may have been the nerdiest post I’ve ever written. Good thing no one from the Lost cast is a member of the blogosphere, right?

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One Response to “A Lost Episode Without Juliet is Like a Flower Without its Petals”

  1. soom Says:

    i love Elizabeth Mitchell

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