For Your Consideration, The Biggest Douche In The Universe


We’re like butter today, huh? The fun continues with a close look at one of the most reprehensible people you’re ever likely to meet (or catch on YouTube below).


Does anyone watch Wife Swap on ABC? I’ve only ever seen snippets with my brother (he’s a big fan), but never considered it Must-See/Can’t-Look-Away television… until now. January 30th’s episode swapped what I imagine to be two of their standard wife archetypes – Midwestern “dumb redneck” and San Franciscan “smug liberal” – but with the unexpected result of unveiling to the universe, as the header suggests, its Biggest Douche Ever. Really.

Part One:

Part Two:

There are no words. Except these, on the well-worn Or here at Videogum and Gawker. Ultimately we’re all getting worked up over something that has no bearing on our lives, but everything about this guy – the way he treats his children, his opinion of those “lower” than himself –  is completely horrendous. Seriously, go to Hell.


(Oh, and thanks to Chris for the video!)

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One Response to “For Your Consideration, The Biggest Douche In The Universe”

  1. facts of life Says:

    Oh. My. God.
    That man is the devil incarnate. The cruelty with which he treated that woman is beyond belief. It would be more than appropriate for him to choke on some of his no doubt very expensive red wine (which you and I are too plebeian to appreciate) and be reincarnated as cockroach.

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