Polar Bear Tuesday!



“That’s right – every Tuesday from now on will be POLAR BEAR TUESDAY, a time to honor and celebrate these majestic Arctic mammals in aggressively adorable photos and video. At play! At rest! At your computer! Each week we’ll highlight the latest polar bear media culled from our vast network of polar bear researchers and church groups. Get to know one of the animal kingdom’s most wondrous creatures, all from the comfort of your living room! You can throw away your Precious Moments figurines, Aunt Deidre – super-cute has a new name, and it’s Lifting Fog.”

… How much would you love this?

All polar bear joking aside, I’d really like to establish one or two days a week as “such and such” days – times when we regularly revisit one particular subject or theme. Call it laziness. Call it progress. Whatever the view, I think it would serve two purposes: 1) forcing me to a pseudo-schedule and 2) giving you something to regularly look forward to. We all know there is nothing to look forward to now.

Remember your high school cafeteria? The lunch ladies would serve up tried and true classics like “Taco Tuesday” or “Fish-Stick Friday,” reliable meals (with a side of SASS) whose composition you could recite by heart. It didn’t matter if you liked them – they were on the schedule and therefore less scary than the usual mystery fare. Minus the sodium, I feel like Lifting Fog can achieve this same thing.

Of course, I’m no lunch lady. Yet. I’ve got a basic understanding of the kind of Internet nutrition you kids need – so angst patties and irreverent loaf will always be on the menu – but I need your help to really bring this operation up to FDA standards. (Food references over now, I promise.) One day dedicated to movie reviews? A bizarre YouTube video every Monday to jump-start the week? Something about cheeseburgers on Thursday? Use the comments below to help shape your Lifting Fog experience!

In the meantime, paws to check out another un-bear-ably cute photo. After all, it is Polar Bear Tuesday!


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5 Responses to “Polar Bear Tuesday!”

  1. Warren Says:

    Bizarre YouTube videos of cute polar bears eating cheeseburgers on Tuesdays. Yay!!!

  2. Henning Says:

    Okay, we’ll do it! I just need to find a way to sneak myself, a video camera, and some cheeseburgers into the polar bear pen at the zoo…

  3. Alexa Says:

    Henning, I know he’s much older now, but I’m hoping to see some videos of Knut.

  4. JES Says:

    Been thinking about this since I read it. You’re on the right track with the pseudo-schedule. It’s a great way (I think) to keep yourself blogging if you’ve got fairly omnivorous intellectual tastes (as both you and DJ Steve seem to) but sometimes find yourself running dry of specific ideas.

    (Well, that and one other approach: building up a healthy backlog of draft posts of the “Hey, have you seen THIS?” sort.)

    My only recommendation is not to make it a fixed schedule: Monday is for X, Tuesday is for Y, and so on. (For one thing, you’ll run out of alphabet by Thursday.) I’ve got one series on a “fixed” schedule — the Friday post — but I’ve also got maybe a half-dozen which float depending on my mood, the time I can commit to them, and so on. A new post in one for one of these floaters I usually introduce with something like “Part N of an occasional series on [series topic].”

    In a way, you’ve done the big thing already to keep yourself sane: set up a tag-team partner.

  5. Henning Says:

    Alexa – What is “Knut”?

    JES – Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve been trying to flesh out some ongoing features for a while now, figuring out topics that might sustain themselves over 5-6 posts. Some of that will come with better defining the site at large, which I made at least a little progress in over the weekend with a reevaluation of our sidebar. Not that things will just “fall into place” but it helps to know where you are before you figure out where you’re going.

    The backlog idea is something we should definitely go after with more gusto, as it would be enormously helpful to have a sort of “timeless, fun post” ready to go when the creative wheels aren’t spinning so fast. Thanks!

    Also, what’s “omnivorous”? Does it have something to do with dinosaurs?

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