Ways to Beat Monday Boredom Vol. 1: Use Twitter’s Search Function


Twitter Search

Sounds like someone’s got a case of the Mondays, right? WRONG! It’s time to wake up, readers. It’s time to shake yourself out of that advanced state of Monday afternoon atrophy and laugh again. The best way I beat the Monday blues (other than daydreaming about being a steamy new star on Gossip Girl or presenting a Golden Globe to Kate Winslet) is head over to the most underrated (and impossible to explain to people) social networking site this side of the interweb: Twitter! Few people realize the potential Twitter has as a massive communications relay device, let alone one of the best features it offers: the Search function.

Just head on over to the trend searcher and let your mind race with the possibility of uncovering secret and undiscovered tweet trends. A trend is when a lot of people on Twitter are posting about similar things. The gosh darn thing is so smart that it tracks these trends and lets you follow them (and search them). The results are the most recent tweets (posts) containing your search query. Here are some ideas to help you start:

– One of my personal favorites terms to search: Booyah
– For older readers, try searching a cuss word, like: F**k (sorry Mom, but it’s just so damn funny!)
– Or just browse the most popular trends on the main search page listed as Trending Topics

Happy searching! Let us know if you think of any good ones.

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One Response to “Ways to Beat Monday Boredom Vol. 1: Use Twitter’s Search Function”

  1. thislalife Says:

    Great Post DJ Steve, this does kill boredom


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