‘Tis the Season to Sue or be Sued


Two and a Half Gilmore GirlsAct now! Before you know it, your piece of delicious studio pie will be gobbled up by your equivalent of Kevin McAllister’s Uncle Frank. Everyone and their brother in the entertainment industry must have woken up on Christmas one of the eight days of Hanukkah and thought to themselves “My friends have had it too good for too long and I’m going to do something about it.” As recently as this week, Bugs Bunny and Co. has entered into a frenzy of legal battles that can only end in heartbreak. This morning, I woke up to read that a former Gilmore Girls producer (which aired on a channel called the WB, so000 old skool right?!) wasn’t happy with his X-mas presents over the last four years. Another sweater, WB? Come on!

And just last week, WB decided to sue its most successful son in law in years, Two and a Half Men. Warner Bros. seems to have grown tired of shelling out the rent money and free dinners every night for the most popular sitcom on television after Sheen and Co. have neglected to scratch their back in return. “I swear I’ll pay you back, Mr. Warner,” the ungrateful son in law utters as he grabs the keys to the Benz and heads out the door to the bar on Christmas Eve.

As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday a judge in Los Angeles handed down a ruling on the all important Watchmen ligation case involving Fox and WB. The judge Scrooge decided that the rights do in fact belong to Fox which means that hopes of a March release for every geek’s wet dream have just been shattered. Can’t we all just get along this holiday season? Or at least stay together for the sake of the kids!

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One Response to “‘Tis the Season to Sue or be Sued”

  1. JES Says:

    I like this guy’s take on the Watchmen/Fox/WB foofaraw. Not least because he says, ultimately, there is NO WAY the March 2009 release date will be in jeopardy. (And he sounds knowledgeable — not just wishful thinking.)

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