New Gmail Themes Are Just What My Doctor(s) Ordered


For weeks now, my life coach has been bombarding me with advice on how to turn my life around. Don’t worry Mom, everyone has them out here in LA, even Tom Cruise. After hours and hours of in-one-ear, out-the-other psycho babble and a $700 weekly bill at Starbucks, everything has finally clicked for me. Gmail themes are here, and finally, my days don’t seem quite so dark. Have you seen Sunset, or my current choice, Mountains? Cold Shower is equally divine.

God bless those tech wizards at Google

God bless those tech wizards at Google

I had been waiting for this day my whole life but I didn’t even know I was waiting for it. It was like the first only time I got drunk in college; is there truly such joy and happiness in the world that I was previously unaware of? For some of you non-web based email users, this is but a drop in the pond, but for full time web-based Gmail addicts like myself, it’s like a breath of fresh air. I was so sick of staring at that boring blue and white background with yellow sub-windows day after day that it became a routine. Who am I, Truman Burbank? Now, I can have a new theme for each day of the week (or if you have Gmail open all day like me, two-three changes a day). It’s time to accessorize girls, what’s your favorite theme?

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4 Responses to “New Gmail Themes Are Just What My Doctor(s) Ordered”

  1. Changeable Says:

    I stumbled on this yesterday and like you, my life was changed. I have blissfully breaking waves to look at and suddenly the world seems new again.

  2. JES Says:

    Mountains, definitely. Currently, Tree. (Looked at Tea House, liked some things about it, but ultimately a little too… fey (in the mythological, non-Tina sense) for me.

  3. Henning Says:

    Phantasea! Today I feel a sense of oneness – with technology, with the world – I didn’t know was possible outside of Buddhism or Apple.

  4. ariebedouin Says:

    I love the Candy theme!

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