Start Your Week Off Right


Actually, that header is completely inaccurate. If you were in fact starting your week off right, well… you wouldn’t be here. You’d be working (or filming a Kellogg’s commercial). Does your boss know how much of his time you waste? Regardless, we’re happy you’re back for another week of esoteric rambling and pointless pontificating here at Lifting Fog. While DJ Steve and I reignite our writing engines, we hope you’ll be tided over by the embedded YouTube video. Nothing that special or timely (it’s November 17th, 2008 – two weeks after the election and one week before Thanksgiving – and a fairly ordinary, boring day), but foreign communication issues are always good for a larf.

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6 Responses to “Start Your Week Off Right”

  1. Jean Says:

    Geez Henning, why does the boss have to be a man?

  2. Jean Says:

    …though my boss is a man.

  3. Henning Says:

    Hahaha – it’s funny you mention that one, given that I fretted over it for a good five minutes this morning as I was writing my intro. “Is this going to be an issue?” I thought. “Will my feminist readers come out of the woodwork?” Ultimately I decided that writing “she” in place of “he” was too pandering, and that “he/she” was too stupid… so I stuck with the 1950’s approved routine.

    Lifting Fog: Keeping Women In Their Place Since 2008!


  4. Jean Says:

    OK I WILL KEEP READING YOURS IF YOU READ MINE (that i have yet to start, except for that other one i write for)

  5. Alex Q Says:

    I personally find this foreign language barrier commercial to be much more entertaining… though, virgin minds beware! Those dirty Europeans.

  6. Henning Says:

    That is a good one, Alex. GOD, why can’t America be more like Europe?

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