Ummmmmmmmm….. New WATCHMEN Trailer!


Courtesy of the LA Times, (it’s like the NY TImes, only 3 hours behind), here is the new Watchmen trailer that debuted before Quantum of Solace. Given that people are estimating a $60 million US opening for Bond, I wonder if anybody saw it? If you’re like me, you arrived late to the theater after a lot of running and you missed it. So here it is in small, web-cast quality goodness. God bless Muse for their epic songwriting. Enjoy!

UNWANTED ADDENDUM: Hi, folks! Henning here with a quick supplemental recommendation for the Watchmen initiated. About a month ago Titan Books released its long awaited Watching the Watchmen, a companion book to the original graphic novel. With previously unreleased art, character sketches, notes and more, this is THE gift to get that special cape-wearing someone this holiday season. Worried about dropping Gouda in this economy? At $40, it’s a steal. Coffee table approved!

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3 Responses to “Ummmmmmmmm….. New WATCHMEN Trailer!”

  1. Avery Says:

    I’m definitely gonna be seeing ‘Watchmen’ when it comes out, since the graphic novel was pretty rad, but… Philip Glass? And THEN Muse? A little heavy-handed, maybe. (Also, hi, stalking you via Jean Bentley’s recommendation!)

  2. Henning Says:

    Hi, Avery! I didn’t think the music choices were out of place at all, but totally appropriate to the apocalyptic tone of the book and its dark, driving story. That Smashing Pumpkins song in the teaser (before The Dark Knight) worked really well, too.

    As for the trailer on the whole… pretty great. Concerns:
    – Neither crime-fighting/superhero team in the novel ever refer to themselves as “Watchmen.” I’m hoping its use in the trailer was meant to initiate new viewers and won’t factor into the finished movie, as it’s more than just a simple change; “Watchmen” is used by Alan Moore in the pejorative sense, questioning who keeps tabs on those in positions of authority. If the characters are part of the “Watchmen” team… well, that’s actually a big problem.
    – Adrian Veidt’s costume and accent. Costume needs more bright purple. Accent needs less English.
    – Rorschach sounds dangerously close to Christian Bale’s Batman voice. Makes sense, I guess, given that Rorschach is meant as a commentary on “no compromise” characters like Batman… but in the book, he spoke with much more flatness. Again, hoping this is (mostly) just a trailer thing.

    Images were great, as though lifted right from the book. Patrick Wilson as Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl looks perfect and sounds almost exactly as I’d imagined. And tonally, like I said before, I think they’ve really gotten at the essence of Watchmen. We’ll see what happens in March!

  3. JES Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up about this. It looks insanely great.

    Although I must admit, it feels a little like the pre-Election Day anticipation: like, Omigod this is gonna be so good… But omigod, if they screw it up it’s gonna be catastrophic… But… But…

    I didn’t hear in the trailer if Rorschach says, “Hrm.” I want him to say, “Hrm.”

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