To Go Out, or To Play Guitar Hero: World Tour Until the Sun Comes Up…

This could be you!

This could be you!

That is the ultimate question, isn’t it? In case you haven’t had the $250 to spend on Guitar Hero: World Tour Full Band Kit AND another goddamn Wiimote (you need all 4 to play 4-player), you may not be aware of the dilemma that is currently plaguing 20-somethings across the nation. I know, I know, Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas just ended their tumultuous relationship, but as consumers we can’t let that get us down. Oh, the economy is in a recession? Tell me something I don’t know. Now that all your excuses have run out, it’s time to invest in a brand new video game lifestyle enhancer: enter GHWT.

The concept is nothing new; Rock Band pioneered the full band gaming experience almost a year ago, but the industry’s old stalwart Guitar Hero has entered the realm with flying colors. Literally, the colored notes fly at you and continue flying in front of your eyes even after your console of choice has been turned off (nothing some warm milk and an Ambien can’t fix!). World Tour boasts 4-player, full band action with a track list worth noting to keep you rocking all night/day/week long.

There is no answer because the question is rhetorical. Tricked again, readers! Why would you want to spend oodles of hard earned skrilla on drinks for good looking women at the bar when you can pretend to play music in front of your all-male friends for a fraction of the cost (family deals going on at Pizza Hut as we speak). The promise of GHWT is a promise that ALWAYS delivers, just try out “Eye of the Tiger” with 3 other friends. Whereas the promise of meeting someone almost NEVER delivers (Hollywood girls are so unreceptive to insightful wit).

Remember when you and your friends would play GoldenEye for 6 hours straight, drinking a 12-pack of Coke each and eat Cheetos until you lost your fingerprints in a coating of chemically created “cheese”? Those days can still be yours! GHWT will satisfy the curiosity of even the casual-est of gamers (read as: your girlfriend, sister, or any female you know). So quit your bitching about the economy, the Red Sox, or anything else that gets you down in life. I guarantee once you play “Go Your Own Way” with the band you’ll have more perspective (than you ever wanted) on your life and where it’s headed.

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5 Responses to “To Go Out, or To Play Guitar Hero: World Tour Until the Sun Comes Up…”

  1. Craig Says:

    speaking of video games and baseball, in my MLB 2k8 world theres nothing to complain about. the red sox are always winning and second rate teams like phils and rays cant even make the playoffs.

    but you did fail to mention the KFC “Guitar Hero” meal which boasts nothing except a bucket that says guitar hero? or so it seems from the advert…(smells like your next investigative story on here, get on it! the people want to know.)

  2. Jean Says:

    Steve, this situation is the same with girls too, even non-videogame-playing ones like myself. Last night the decision was a party or GHWT and a bottle of whisky. Four hours, five “La Bamba”s, and a bottle of Jim Beam later (just like the kind I used to skim off the top of the bottles in my parents’ liquor cabinet in high school!), I’m certain we made the right choice. However, as an experienced Rock Band player, I have to say: while the GH equipment and interface are better, Rock Band has a far superior song selection.

  3. DJ Steve Says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, let’s not get crazy. The song selection for both has pluses and minuses. But maybe I haven’t drank enough whiskey to figure out which is better yet…

  4. Henning Says:

    I saw those KFC commercials and thought the same thing. “Collectible chicken bucket? That I can show my friends? Score!” I can’t wait for their Twilight promotion!

    Insightful wit? Steve, everyone knows Hollywood girls just want coke. WHICH YOU COULD HAVE BOUGHT WITH YOUR GUITAR HERO MONEY.

  5. TomFS08 Says:

    Glad you’re enjoying GH: World Tour. It’s a great way to blow off some steam and everyone, regardless of gaming experience, can get in on it.

    Working with GameStop on a cool contest some of you may be interested in–you can submit your best rock star pose or video and you have a chance to become a playable avatar in a future installment of the GH franchise.

    Have fun with it, hope you enjoy it.


    Tom with GameStop

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