WTF is The Rock-afire Explosion?


Oh, you don’t know? For shame, readers, for shame. In case you aren’t up on your obscure YouTube video, cult-following subcultures, Lifting Fog has got your back. And no, I’m not talking about LonelyGirl15; I’m talking about a true, unscripted story of the American dream. Dive right in with the video below (WARNING: NOT suitable for children under the age of 17 or people who are currently high):

It all started in the 1980’s, a time of unrivaled excessisms (this one isn’t in your SAT book) (Editor’s Note: because it’s not a real word), and newly established pizza restaurant franchises. Way back before I was born, a man named Aaron Fetcher envisioned an animatronic future of pizza, animals playing instruments, and fun for the whole family. Guided by God and his Creative Engineering, Inc. Fetcher created The Rock-afire Explosion, a robot band performing songs (originals and covers) in Showbiz Pizza Place restaurants. Whether or not the man indulged in the excesses of the 80’s like the rest of us, his vision suggests as much.

Where is The Rock-afire Explosion today? On YouTube, of course, mashed-up with all your favorite songs. The first time I lay my eyes on the Rock-afire Explosion, I assumed I was high, despite being at work and in a room lit by fluorescent lights. I was terrified, yet could not look away. Excited, yet withdrawn. Their music/message is just that powerful. So I implore you to delve into the underworld that is The Rock-afire Explosion phenomenon. To start, just check out the Wikipedia page – it’s more detailed than probably 70% of the articles that actually deal with things that are worth your time.

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One Response to “WTF is The Rock-afire Explosion?”

  1. Henning Says:

    WTF, indeed. Puppets are already disturbing on about five different levels, but given pianos to play and drums to beat become an altogether terrifying mess. Did you look into those dead eyes? Thanks for ruining Chuck E. Cheese’s for me, Steve.

    … Though to be fair, it wasn’t the Usher cover that made me piss myself. That honor goes to this RE rendition of Arcade Fire’s “Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels),” now a fucked-up post-apocalyptic nightmare with albino robot bears. Jesus Christ.

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