T-Shirts More Rife With Irony Than A Hollister Store

Ironic AND Poignant!

Ironic AND Poignant!

Ahoy readers! I’ve come to tell you about a phenomenon that was only recently made aware to me in the ironic t-shirt world. Ever since websites like BustedTees and Local Celebrity started making millions, everyone’s favorite fair-and-balanced democratic news outlet CNN has gotten involved. Head over to the CNN t-shirt section to order a t-shirt in various colors with a humorous or important news headline printed in a fashionable, and of course, ironic way. Here’s an example. Now you can be the coolest kid at school this week! At least until everyone else catches on (Fall Out Boy used to be indie, man!) and it becomes lame. I’d give it two weeks before your frat brother roommate is sporting one, so go now!

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2 Responses to “T-Shirts More Rife With Irony Than A Hollister Store”

  1. Rizzo Says:

    Some of the CNN shirts are just odd. I’ve seen a few good ones, but most are strange.

  2. Henning Says:

    “Frat brother roommate”? Way to attack 3/4 of our readership, Steve. Plus, no member of the esteemed Greek community would be caught DEAD in the bland spectrum of colors CNN offers. We like our golds and crimsons, hues that are at once proud and impossible to avoid. Pinks, too, but only during “Gender Bender” week. SIGMA NU!!

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