Notable News Of Late That Specifically Pertains to Iron Man

This dude totally rules, dude

This dude totally rules, dude

At the behest of our readers, I once again turn to the world of popular culture. I must have gotten 1000+ emails yesterday after my latest post complaining that things had gotten too “serious” at Lifting Fog, and that I had “strayed from the path of righteousness.” One reader even went as far to scold me, shouting horribly demeaning things at me via Skype for failing to make only 3 pop culture references (read as: Henning threatened to remove my semi-autonomous publishing status and/or kill me). So let’s get straight to it.

I read today that Robert Downey Jr. has agreed to be paid a shit-ton of money for playing Tony Stark in at least three more movies involving Iron Man (Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, and The Avengers). Only in Hollywood do people agree to something like that. In the words of Joe Biden, “where I grew up” (I always picture a suburb with white picket fences for some reason), you say thank you for getting something like that as opposed to “agreeing” to it. But this is less an attack on RDJ and more a question of why entertainment news reporters strive to maintain some semblance of sincerity in their linguistical jibbajabba. Here’s a headline from when I’m running it:

Robert Downey Jr. (formerly arrested multiple times for possession of heroin and cocaine, and firing a gun driving down Sunset Blvd.) to be paid millions and millions of dollars to be a movie star; ‘Thank you’ says Downey Jr.

Likewise today, I found out that Terrence Howard will NOT be reprising his role of Jim Rhodes, Stark’s best friend and future War Machine, in the next Iron Man movies. He will be replaced by everyone’s favorite sometimes-British actor Don Cheadle, in a move that sources have claimed was monetary. Personally, I can’t see it. I agree with /film in that there was a chemistry between Howard and Downey Jr. that may be difficult to match. This is a part of the biz that always makes me sad; like when Hogwarts changed leaders mid-stream or when the Fresh Prince suddenly got a sassy new aunt. Call me a purist, but I hope Cheadle can find some way to bond with Iron Man when the cameras start rolling. Otherwise I’ll be forced to pay to see the movie anyway because its gonna be SICKKKKKKK.

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4 Responses to “Notable News Of Late That Specifically Pertains to Iron Man”

  1. JES Says:

    Very disappointed when I heard about the Howard/Cheadle thing. Iron Man was an astoundingly good movie; I don’t understand why money might have been an issue, given the film’s success on a sh!tload of levels (including box office) and I would think the likelihood of success for the sequel(s), too. Why change ANYTHING about the mix unless you had to (as with the Dumbledore thing)?

    Only thing I could think of is that Howard may have rendered some kind of ultimatum — like a percentage — that wouldn’t have been a particularly smart thing to do. (Also not particularly characteristic of him, AFAIK.)

    Cheadle is wonderful; I’d happily watch him in anything else, really. But this sucks.

    “linguistic jibbajabba”: great phrase. Now I want to see Freaks again.

  2. Henning Says:

    Favreau was concerned about Terrence Howard’s performance:,,20236884,00.html

    … Money, too. I agree that cost shouldn’t be a concern for the studio given the built-in audience for #2, but I think the fault lies more with Howard on this one. He’s shooting himself in the foot, walking away from this movie.

  3. Alex Q Says:

    I find Howard entirely (DARE I SAY IT?)… boring.
    I just feel like he’s the same person in every movie. His soft-spoken nature seems never to be enough for me, like he’s trying too hard to be “subtle.” Hard to explain.

    Cheadle is a much better actor in my mind, and an excellent replacement choice. I think his chemistry with RDJ onscreen will be fantastic. Fingers crossed, hopes very high.

    And if Howard decided to leave the Iron Man series because he wanted to be payed more… WOW. Smart move buddy.

  4. Henning Says:

    Regardless of Howard’s acting abilities (which I agree are overrated) it sucks to have to recast the role – and just gloss over the substitution on screen – after such a successful first outing. I don’t think Jim Rhodes ever called for much of a performance, anyway, so Howard fit in perfectly.

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