6 To Midnight: LOST Season 5 Teaser


It really isn’t fair. Fall TV is in full-swing and my viewing schedule largely complete… save for one show. One awesome, badass show. Four months still separate me and other creepily obsessed fans from the fifth and penultimate season of LOST (apart from the fact that I think the title is capitalized like this, the show just deserves it), ABC’s best show and one of the most engaging hours of television… ever. While there are other shows I like better, none can match LOST for sheer excitement or WTF-ness. I’ve watched religiously since the start of season two; it’s the reason most of my college professors thought I was retarded.

ANYWAY, linked here (c/o EW’s PopWatch blog) is the cockteaser trailer for said fifth season. Current WordPress technology prevents me from embedding the video like a truly masterful blogger, but know that I would if I could. Namaste!

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2 Responses to “6 To Midnight: LOST Season 5 Teaser”

  1. Alex Q Says:

    Best. Television. Show. Ever.
    And not starting till season two? Big duff. I expected more from you. I’ve been watching since episode one – check it (I remember taping the pilot for my brother… bizarre, Tivo didn’t always exist?). I will most likely cry during the series finale in 2010.

    Isn’t it 2009 yet?

  2. Henning Says:

    What can I say, Alex Q – I was a freshman in college when season one premiered. Young… naive… I was experimenting with all kinds of shit at the time and unwilling (or maybe unable) to commit in any serious way to a serial(ized) relationship. But we grow up, settle down. Despite a bit of a rough second year together, LOST and I are quite happy right now and face the future with clasped hands. Though I’ve caught her on the phone with her mother recently talking about “wrapping things up” and “ending things while we’re still good”… should I be concerned?

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