… And, We’re Back. Really.


So this is awkward. Umm… hi? It’s been over four weeks since my last post on Lifting Fog. Before September 16th, the longest “vacation” I had taken to date was only six days. That seemed long at the time. Four weeks? That’s an eternity in this Web 2.0 era, not to mention a cardinal sin of blogging – “Thou shalt provide fresh daily content” being the seventh commandment of personal web publishing. Look it up. That I’ve broken this code, and so flagrantly, fills me with guilt… Catholic-style. Forgive me readers, for I have sinned.

It’s no special occasion today. I wasn’t undergoing radical eyebrow surgery, or doing missionary work in Zambia, or taking the LSATs. Neither vain nor noble nor smart, I just kind of ran off track. It’s hard work, blogging, and encumbered by a job job (as opposed to a “Job” or “job!”) I’ve found my creative juices running dry and my motivation lacking. After a week away from the blog, it became almost scary to return. Would I have any readers left? Would I remember how to write? I’ve been dreading this post ever since.

If you’re reading this, thanks for giving me a second chance (third? Who’s counting?) as I attempt to hoist myself from the void of post-grad ennui. Oscar-less and ramen-filled, life so far has yet to match my Friends vision of the young NYC I had hoped to write about (and, well, experience). Well… boo-hoo. Melodrama isn’t attractive. And who IS living out their TV fantasies? So much of these past five months has been about reconciling expectations with reality, idealism with the cold (or at least tepid) truths of a life outside college walls. It’s scary. It’s hard. It’s kind of lonely.

/ slaps Henning in the face.

Get over it. We’ll all find our Chandler Bing-ian fulfillment soon enough.

Back to practical things: I’ve got 13 posts YES 13 primed and ready to launch over the next 72 hours gleefully dissecting major events of the last four weeks. Pointless? No. Try nostalgic. Can anyone say “time warp”? Even sooner, though is the more responsible half of Lifting Fog hitting you with his thoughts on the (relatively) recent demise of TRL. DJ Steve’s the ish.


PS – I’m not happy with the writing here (it really has been a while), but I can guarantee it will get better. I’ve got a closetful of “Most Improved” trophies to back me up.

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5 Responses to “… And, We’re Back. Really.”

  1. Jennijen Says:

    I (an undercover reader) am happy your are back; your posts help me pass my prep periods and make up (in my twisted mind) for the fact that I never see you despite our insanely close neighbor-ness.

    Also…weren’t the ‘Friends’ late twenties/thirties?

    You have time.

  2. JES Says:

    About damn time. I was reasonably certain the ship of utter silence had not yet sailed but, well, one always likes to have one’s certainties confirmed.

    Will be curious (and probably a little envious, when I see the result) how on earth you plan to improve the writing.

  3. Henning Says:

    Jennijen – I had no idea you read our little electronic rag, but I’m happy to hear I play even a small part in getting you through your prep periods. If Lifting Fog can bring a smile to one person’s face everyday, well… we’ve done our job. I know that’s how David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston felt on ‘Friends.’

    And yes, I’m a generally pathetic neighbor. We should all go out to dinner sometime soon!

    JES – We had just hit the doldrums, that’s all. Tradewinds of redemption are carrying us back to the port of inane rambling. Or something like that.

  4. JES Says:

    Hey, just noticed (duh) the site banner is DONE done. Nice work.

  5. Oh, Hi! So… « Lifting Fog Says:

    […] explain my month-long vacation from Lifting Fog (shorter than the last one by two weeks!) would mean painful recollections of Russian Roulette tournaments, extraterrestrial […]

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