Potpourri (1 of 2)


I apologize in advance for the randomness of what you’re about to read (although maybe you won’t now!). This may well be the most incoherent post I’ve yet written, but my mind’s in a million places right now and to attempt to wax philosophical on any one subject would be futile. Hillary. Phillies. Olympic Village sex. Kid Rock. This one’s random access like woah, so hold onto the belt of the kid in front of you as you prepare to read. BETTER STUFF TOMORROW, I SWEAR ON THE PRECIOUS.

1) Hillary Rodham Clinton

Great speech. Great suit. And we’re all glad you’re finally publicly committed to the unification of the Democratic Party. Good lookin’ out. But it’s really, really time to go home now. Party leaders have been beyond generous in their Clinton appeasement at this convention. Speaker after speaker has extolled your courage, your devotion to health care reform, and your remarkable 3 AM phone answering abilities. Remember how you only “suspended” your campaign without formally ending it? Tonight, your “troops” will be given the option of casting their votes for you during roll call. Beyond generous… and more than enough. Don’t get me wrong, Hillary – I have tremendous respect for you and all that you’ve accomplished (and I think your political future is far from over), but this hasn’t been your show for a while now. It’s Barack O’Clock.

PS – Tell your crazy supporters, like Kate Rosado, 32, of Manhattan (“I’m not sure I’m even going to vote” – AM New York), to, well, stop being f*^&ing crazy and channel their energy toward the presumptive nominee. And the ones now voting for McCain? Have them watch this (courtesy of Jason Kim). “NO WAY. NO HOW. NO MCCAIN.”

2) Fightin’ Phils

Hi-yo! Last night, in a 13-inning, 5.5 hour game, my boys in red bounced back from a six run deficit to overtake the New York Mets and reclaim first place in the National League East. It felt like a 2007 game – Phillies surge, Mets falter – one that could serve as the catalyst for another great September. Best of all, recent Philadelphia pariah (and 2007 NL MVP… and my hero) Jimmy Rollins was 5 for 5 at the plate and stole three bases. He probably wrote eight new raps while he was doing it, too. The rest of the Phils? Pimptastic. Ryan Howard wielded his bat like it was the Master Sword and notched his 35th homer of the season, a league high. Then there was Chris Coste. The catcher and celebrated author belted the game-winning single to center field to drive home Shane Victorino. Says Coste, “you forget that you get paid to play the game. It was almost like we felt like little kids.” It was a beautiful thing.

Great as last night’s game was, the Phils need to repeat tonight to make any sort of claim to the throne. Do it to it, baby.

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6 Responses to “Potpourri (1 of 2)”

  1. Mark Says:

    I love these random observations! You should make them even shorter and start a Twitter!

    No, really, you should.

  2. kishori Says:

    “barack o’clock” is now my favorite obama nickname

  3. reim Says:

    THANK YOU for the PS nod to Kate Rosado! She was CRA-ZY. I blamed Hillary at first for turning her supporters into monsters incapable of loving anyone but her, then just decided Kate Rosado was out of her mind.

    Anyway, Hil gave a good speech, but it should have come a bit sooner, like you said…now “Obama only has two months.” To become a woman, or whatever Hillary supporters want.

  4. Henning Says:

    Mark – Maybe I could use Twitter to promote abstracts of the longer posts I write here? Make THAT “Lifting Fog”… rename the blog “Heavy Fog”… I think this could be big. I’m excited.

    Kishori – Feel free to use it! That’s a Fog original so far as I can tell (at least, I’ve never heard anyone say it before), so remember the source when you drop that at your next cocktail party.

    Reim – Saw that in AM New York this morning and rolled my eyes with a vengeance. And I agree – far from being brainwashed or ordered by Hillary, I think some people are just nuts. As for Obama… it’s never too late for an operation. Though I imagine his family might not be wild about the idea.

  5. Will Edmondson Says:

    Hillary should be the new closer for the Phillies. Then maybe they could hold onto a lead against the NL East leaders late in the game.

  6. Henning Says:

    Ice cold. Plus, Brett Myers wouldn’t have any of her sass.

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