Another Work Week…


… At least for all you suckers who can’t see the incredible opportunities in unemployment. I’m wearing boxers as I type this! Right now! Really! It truly doesn’t get any better.


Hold on. I swear I’m good n-

Sorry, I didn’t think the crying would last that long! For those of you who know things could be better – whether you’re gainfully employed, on your ass, or slaving through grad school – I offer the proven solution to your angst: Be Kanye supplements. You may have seen ads for this miracle product on the subway. I was only too happy to find they made a video, too.

Even in an Absolut world, I know the guy has his detractors. People think he’s arrogant, stuck-up, and hot-headed. He is, no question. But he’s incredibly talented. AND, unlike far too many musical artists (hi, Coldplay!), he also has a sense of humor. Check out this very funny SNL sketch (sorry I couldn’t embed) and tell me he doesn’t understand his public persona. Or for a closer look, read his blog. It’s kind of a schizophrenic fever dream of misspellings and Murakami artwork, but proof again of his ability to mix it up with his followers. What say you, readers? Kanye West: delusional diva or talented troubadour?

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